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nightmares..blunder..reversal of fortune

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I have to share my experience with the forum.

I took Mrcpsych in spring 2004 for the second time.I asked the college not to add my name in passlist as I wanted to have the control of whom to inform if I pass.

After waiting for four weeks I got the result and I passed theory which I did last time as well.

I did not tell about this to any of my friends.

I started preparing for the practicals and went to take the exam which was in London on 27 MAY 2004.

Here started the life full of misery.

I started feeling very anxious , one moment thinking That I will pass and next moment been certain for failure.

On 15 th June early hours I had nightmare( one of them ) that result came in post on 18th June instead of 19th (it comes next day of being published on college website) and I failed.

Anyways I got up in morning of 18 and there was A4 SIZED letter from college , on opening I found the application form but there was no result.

I got very distressed as application is sent to the candidate who has failed but it comes with copy of result.

After three hours of being in distress I was able to gather my courage to ring up the college.

I was told that results are still not posted , she apologised that the application form has been sent by mistake 'as Dr singh is very common surname and some other Dr Singh must have requested this form but it landed at my doorstep.

I recovered a bit and started another wait for 20 hours.

i got up today at 6am after sleeples night.

Post came at 8 am and it was similar sized letter which I received yesterday.

On opening I was only able to read first few words 'I am pleased to .....Dinesh Bhugra

Just few word can make difference in life.

I am feeling very happy and lucky but it is still not sinking.

1. why our royal collge taks such long time to send the results when royal college of surgeon give the result on the same day of exam.

2 why our royal collge cant divide the exam in theory and practicals that is if some one fails in prcaticals only takes practilcals next time as other colleges have done.

3 What system is royal college following when I scored 12 in case and 8 in pmp last time and failed while who scored 10 and 10 passed.

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Congratulations.I think many of us have bones to pick with the college but as I've just passed my feelings of anger have subsided.I think that there needs to be a joint effort from the SHOs to make the college aware of many disadvantages to our exams which surgeons and physicians don't endure.As well as what you've mentioned we can't sit our part two until we have completed 3 years' training, by which time a lot of our surgical/ medical colleagues have finished exams even if they've failed the part 2 once or twice.Also we get sent much further away(London to Dublin in my case), and finally our exam is twice a year whereas you can sit other college exams 3 or four times in one year. :-/

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