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Just sat down to start Paper A revision for December and hoped to use SPMM as this worked well for me for Paper B.


Seems like you can only buy a 6 month course at £250, rather than a 3 month at £150 as you previously could.


so have signed up for Psych Mentor - will let you know how it compares!


Dr Dave

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I used Spmm but didn't pass because of it. Ridiculous price that only an idiot would pay. None of their solutions is complete. You don't get everything in one package. the exam resources are split - it would cost £500+ to get all their stuff for each paper and then it's not focused! Paper A should be pretty straightforward, lots of factual knowledge. Birmingham is ok if you don't mind the errors. I didn't use Mentor for 1/2 so can't comment. Good luck!

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