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To evaluate the effectiveness of three readily available National Health Service treatments for adolescents (aged 12-18 years) with anorexia nervosa, a multicentre randomised controlled trial of 167 young people comparing in-patient, specialist out-patient and general child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) treatment was carried out. There were no significant differences between the samples recruited from two different sites (n1=80 and n2=87). The study period was two years; 17 patients in CAMHS group, 14 in the outpatient group and 29 in the inpatient group did not receive the intended intervention. Based upon categorical outcome assessments, 18% of patients in CAMHS service, 15% in specialist out-patient service and 21% in inpatient service demonstrated a predefined satisfactory clinical response. Intention to treat analysis did not demonstrate statistically significant differences in clinical response. (Gowers et al., Clinical effectiveness of treatments for anorexia nervosa in adolescents: Randomised controlled trial. The British Journal of Psychiatry 2007; 191: 427-435). The results suggest that compared with CAMHS outpatients, those treated with specialised inpatient services have
Select one:
Worse clinical response, but fewer drop-outs
Better clinical response and fewer drop-outs
Better clinical response, but more drop-outs
Worse clinical response but lesser dropouts
Equivalent clinical response, but lesser drop-outs


          Rx:                      dropout      response%

  1. CAMHS                14                18%
  2. SP-INP                 17                15%
  3. SP-OUT               29                 21

no statistical significance in clinical response in intention to treat analysis.

my reasoning is compared with CAMHS, Sp-inp has Better Response (although statistically insignificant) and more drop outs.

kindly clarify. thanks.

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