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Dear all,


I am from Hong Kong. I have been working as a Psychratrist here in public hospital from 8 years. I am trying to pass MRCPsych while I am a Psych Follow in my country.


I am exploring a chance to work and stay in UK with my family. I am reviewing the GMC website, and searching more information around.


Would you please share with me if you had similar migration experience?


thanks in advance.



Also, which city in uk would be easier to get an job?

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Hi Rachel,

It sounds as though you would need to secure a Tier 2 visa, there are some Trusts that we work with that would sponsor you for a Tier 2 visa, or you can apply for position directly on NHS Jobs, but a pre-requisite is (normally) that you have your full GMC registration ahead of the application to the Trust. You will see on the GMC website that you will have to work in an "approved practice setting" do not worry about that, as every NHS body is an approved practice setting, as in fact are most locum agencies. If you would like some more information do drop me line. 

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Thanks for the comments.

I have got MRCPsych already. Does a full GMC registration need a PLAB as well?

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It's a complex area - The GMC website is actually quite good with a "run-through" set of links that take into account your country of residence, citizenship, and medical school. The key issue is - was your medical school and more than 75% of your patient interaction during training in English. If not you will need to at least sit an IELTS exam, potentially the PLAB as well. I'm afraid I am by no means an expert!


Just clicking through - it seems that holding MRCPsych exempts you from having to do the PLAB - so good news.




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