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Dear senior candidates,


I never appeared CASC exam and always keep on thinking about few points in mind as I dont know what the scenarion actually is at the examination place.

Anyone please let me know about following things.

1. Is there any watch kept in the examination station? How do we come to know how much time is remaining foe station to finish? Do we need to carry our own wrist watch (Digital??) to keep watching how much time is there to finish the station?

2. If we dont finish our task before time then will examiner cut the interview or he may allow for few seconds or so??

3. Roughly how much time we get between two single stations ? Is it fixed or can be more or less?? Similarly how much time we get between paired stations??

4. Many people here are mentioning about leaflet. Whats that? From where we get? And do we need to give it to role player always??

Please clear my doubts.

Thanks a lot.

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In every station, u ll get a bell before start, then one last minute reminder bell and then final bell to finish the station. U can carry ur own watch and u must because it may be needed in cognitive or physical examination. But while talking to role player, time flies like anything and u won't be able to look at ur watch. 

When time is over u should stop but u can continue to finish ur last conversation in a proper manner but you shouldn't give examiner a choice to stop you. It is like offending the examination regulations and examiner.

all the stations are in series and u ll get 90 secs before every station to read and plan ur task. It's same for single and paired stations.

leaflets are nothing but reading materials for patients or relatives. These are to provide information about topics on interest which as clinician we use in everyday practice. You don't give to role players but you mention that these can be provided for further information.

always check ur information form college website and make it up to date as they can change accordingly.


hope it answers ur queries. Some part of information can only be provided by more senior people in the community.

all the best!

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Thanks a lot for valuable information Manisha Rajput

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