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hello... my friend had a temporary registration in the past few years is expired now. My friend is keen to restore temporary registration..GMC website says to apply for registration to practice  they need to participate in revalidation. As my friend is currently not working  in the UK it is difficult to participate in UK ..

please do let me know what to do ...

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Hello , it is a bit of a tricky situation esp when on temp registration and not practicing in uk. Sometimes a person can relinquish his / her registration for the time being and present evidence of work ( if practicing elsewhere ) ,maintain logbook,etc and reactivate GMC registration upon ones return back to uk .Also there r revalidation agencies which charge u a minimal fee and help u do the revalidation process . I think the best bet would be e mailing GMC and asking the required questions and they will be able to help / guide your friend .

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