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Autism also called autistic spectrum disorder(ASD),Pervasive developmental disorder(PDD) Autism is adisorder  that is usually first diagnosed in early childhood , the main Symtoms and signs  involve social interaction , communication and repetitive behaviors.                       Children with autism might have problems taking to you, or they might not look you in the eye when talk to them, they may have to line up their pencils before they pay attention, or may repeat  the same sentence to calm the self down, may flap their arm to tell you they are happy. Or may hurt themself to tell u not happy,some people with autism never learn how to talk, people with autism have different Symtoms and presentation because of this they called spectrum, Asperger syndrome is the milder version of autism.                               The cause of autism is not known,Autism lasts throughout a person life . There is no cure yet,but treatment can help, treatment include behavior and communication therapies and medicine to control Symtoms ,

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