postgrad certificate in medical education - compulsory part of higher training schemes?

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Hi there

Does anyone know whether we need to complete a module / a full postgrad cert in med ed before the end of higher training? The requirements seem to differ between schemes when chatting to peers. The rumour is that we need to complete at least a module of a PGCert if we wish to become educational supervisors as consultants but is this hogwash? Do let me know your experiences, and if you can recommend any good courses. Thanks.

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I dont know about whether this is a compulsory part of higher training. I am doing the Bristol PG Cert course (Part time (7 contact days) over 1 year) and it is very good. I would recommend to anyone interested in teaching/supervising. I know colleagues who have done the dundee distance learning PGCert in teaching for healthcare professionals and they give good reviews but it has less deadlines (which is a good or bad thing depending on how self directed you are). It will certainly make you stand out at interviews.

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