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Venlfaxine prescription in Cardiac Arrythmia

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Moderator hope you will be able to post this  case, as I have not included any confedential information about the patient.


Hello All,

I would like to discuss about an challenging case scenario.

Recently I reviewed a 70 yr old gentleman with recurrent depressive disorder , he has a history of cardiac Arrythmia ,he was very poorly due to his cardiac condition that he was give few years to live in 2011,but fortunately he pulled through.

Physically  he was well , but due to recurrent depressive disorder , after trials with SSRI and Mirtazapine he was prescribed Venlafaxine , (by the previous doctor) he did very well on it , but the GP queried the prescription  of Venlafaxien due to the history of Cardiac Arrythmia.

Sought advise from the cardiologist, he stated the risks are high with venlafaxine  in people with Arrythmia .Meeting was held with the patient,  family and the pharmacologist and the medication was changed back to SSRI.

unfortunately the patient after a brief period had a relapse.

The patient considering how well he has done on Venlafaxien , wants to to go back on Venlafaxine   and he was ready to sign a declaration that no one should be held responsible if he suffers serious SE on Venlafaxine.

sorry for the long post.

I was just wondering what other forum members thought about the above case.

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