CT 3 job in West London Trust

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I have received the above offer, and am keen to take it up. However..

Family commitments mean that I will have to commute from South London (Brixton). I have a school-age kid. My husband is also a doctor, who works for KCL, so family support isn't fantastic but definitely exists.

Do you think it is feasible to commute daily from Brixton into wherever I get placed within this trust? Especially if there is a kid to get home?

I am aware of the travel times involved, but not what actual working hours might be; leaving work by 5-5:30 most days means it's feasible, but leaving after 6 on a regular basis probably isn't..

 I understand this is a busy trust, and need to decide on what to do next.

Would greatly appreciate any input on what the work hours for a CT3 within that trust are likely to be..


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