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CASC station

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1. How to approach station for genetic counselling for Alzheimer's disease?

When I tried, it was full of jargon. 

2. How to approach station for assessing personality traits for a patient with anorexia nervosa?

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2. Premorbid personality – Perfectionist, Obsessive, Borderline,
Anxious Personality Traits. Make sure you're not doing a checklist approach though, make it flow with your hx.

1. basically if early onset more likely to be genetic, but in the real world genetic testing not routinely done as it doesn't provide much more info or treatable, also doesn't meet the criteria for screening. age is still the highest risk factor etc.

screening criteria 

  1. The condition being screened for should be an important health problem
  2. The natural history of the condition should be well understood
  3. There should be a detectable early stage
  4. Treatment at an early stage should be of more benefit than at a later stage
  5. A suitable test should be devised for the early stage
  6. The test should be acceptable
  7. Intervals for repeating the test should be determined
  8. Adequate health service provision should be made for the extra clinical workload resulting from screening
  9. The risks, both physical and psychological, should be less than the benefits
  10. The costs should be balanced against the benefits
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my only suggestion is , as in any station is to go with an open mind , establish  rapport with th patient /family.

Always start the station with open question and likes asking for example how can I help you !!!! Some thing similar on those lies and allow the family to ask questions, my approach would be let them lead you rather then you dictating terms .

be flexible in your approach and go with an open mind .

Others may differ , at the end of the day  the examiners have to make sure that you listen to the concerns of th patients/ relatives  and adress their concerns.


my personal opinion  other s may differ in three views.


Best wishes


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