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please help me with that question:

HiY EBM 033

In a small pilot study, 12 women with schizophrenia and 12 women with no psychosis were enquired regarding the habitual use of cannabis. The results are shown below (see image). What is the ratio of the odds that cannabis exposure is seen in schizophrenia patients to the odds that the exposure is seen in controls?


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1.25 Incorrect


Your answer is incorrect.

Odds ratio is the cross-product ratio. The data must be redrawn as follows, before calculating the OR. OR = 36/16 = 2.25

The correct answer is: 2.25

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So in Schizophrenic group 6:4 is ratio of smokers to non,

In control ratio is 4:6

Odds ratio is 6/4 divided by 4/6  .. (so 1.5 / .6666 =2.25)

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