Doing locum consultant work with no experience

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I'm due to get CCT in August 2017 and I'm considering getting back to good old locum work!

How likely is it for someone who has never worked as a consultant to get such work on a locum basis?



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Try to do an acting up post within the next 12 months: that gives you the opportunity to actually have up to 3 months of consultant experience. Start applying now for acting up role; trusts that want to save money would rather have an acting up consultant that they can supervise than have a locum consultant that would cost them an arm and a leg. The application to act up can take time except if you are doing it in your local trust: the earlier you apply the higher the chances of getting a place of your choice. All the best

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Good Morning, 

Thank you for your message. 

You would think that this is not the most easy thing to achieve. 

I currently have 2 Drs working for me, who had no experience has a Consultant and had no CCT or AC Status. 

One has been working in the North West since February 2016, and the other has been working in West Midlands since December 2015.  

If you could please let me know your contact number, and I can give you a call and explain this to you more. 

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you have. 


Thank you. 

Hayley @ ProMedical

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