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For mild cognitive impairment task was history taking and cognitive examination together ,there are two scenarios that come for mci one this one and the other one just history taking so for this one on Friday u start with normal history taking as in spmm course with current problem ,onset,duration ,0progress,any fluctuations,symptoms noted first,then questions about memory like how is ur memory of recent events like in spmm,long term memory,visuotemporal,temporopatietal memory,then speech,reading ,writing,naming problems,attention problems,any behavoural changes like did somebody mentioned that ur behavior has changed,mood symptoms shortly also ask about physical health like hypertension,diabetes,stroke.most of the answers will be negative only few issues like reading or prosopnosia was present I think in this lady then quickly ask about ADLs like how is it affecting ur life ,the way u look after ur self (personnel),are u able to cook or do laundry(domestic),what about doing grocery and paying bill(community)u should be able to finish it in 5 mins,then ask her that u would like to ask few questions to test ur memory is that ok then ask about any problems with hearing or vision and start mmse I comfortably finished it in ten min I was scoring the mmse on the writing pad most of questions will be right in the end thanks for cooperation and ask is it okay if I can speak to ur husband or partner

xplanation of MCI is straight farward I started with greeting and introducing my self then said that I just spoke to ur wife as she is having some problems with memory can u just share with me what is ur understanding about it,then listen to him after that explain that she is having MCI,have u heard about it,he will say no than explain that as we grow older we do have some problems with our memory but they are not severe enough to affect our daily life that is normal ageing however in some ppl these memory problems become so much that they start affecting their ability to look after themselves then we call it as dementia ,in your wife case this condition is somewhat in between these two ,these memory problems are more than the normal aging process but yet not severe enough to be diagnosed as dementia.husband will ask question about risk of getting dementia then u can show empathy that I understand ur concerns u worried about her getting dementia ,there is an increased risk of these ppl getting dementia about one in 10 ppl with this condition will go on to have dementia but obviously we not sure as if who is going to get it and there is a possibility that she won't get it ,there are ways where we can actually decrease the risk of getting dementia in these ppl like a physically socially and mentally active life style with regular physical activities like excercise,socializing with family and friends and stimulating and keeping the brain active by reading,crossword,sudoku will further decrease the risk ,he will ask about treatment ,u can say that we usually follow nice guidelines in uk that shows that there is no evidence that anti dementia medication are useful in this condition,we will keep following up every 3 months and at any point if u feel that her condition has changed u can make an appointment with us ,ask do u have any other questions thanks the pt ,offer help .

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