How are is the Oxfordpsych course (specif in Abu Dhabi) vs

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Hello everyone.

Sorry if my questions are flogging a dead horse all over again. Though can you blame a guy who’s never seen a living horse before either?


I’m getting pretty overwhelmed by the prospect of entering the CASC format, being so unfamiliar with what the whole thing entails.

1. I wanted to know if anyone has attended the Oxfordpsych courses at Abu Dhabi? How was it and what do they cover? I specifically ask about the Abu Dhabi center as it's the one I'm most likely to be able to afford to attend (considering airfare, etc). 

2. Will the makeup of the CASC be covered in the Oxfordpsych courses?

3. And would you rather do the Oxfordpsych course or the video series run by Dr Mishra?

Thanking you in anticipation

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if you have not worked in UK system then you should take CASC course. just to let you know oxford psych course is in India also if you are coming from india.

pass the casc videos are of average quality. Try SPMM videos they are 100 times better and cheaper. if you can come to UK then try to attend CASC mock in Birmingham. I have heard it is cheaper and very good in quality.

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Hi Ronny, thanks for your kind inputs. However as per the website of oxfordcourse, they don't have any courses in India. 

Have you had any experience with the passthecasc videos? Many members in this forum itself claim the SPMM videos are worse than passthecasc and vice versa. 

I'm someone who has had  NO experience in the UK, and in truth I'm still trying to wrap my head around what the CASC exam is like. It's extremely confusing having to hear so many conflicting answers regarding what's the best course to do. 



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