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On 4/15/2017 at 11:35, Docgarden said:


I came across this post when searching for info on Winchester tax avoidance scheme as I'm one of those caught with a huge tax bill after falling for the sales patter. Hindsight is great but retrospective taxation via the 2019 charge is just vile.

Do you know of any action groups that are dealing with this issue?

Hi Docgarden

There is advice on the contractoruk forums - it's mostly IT contractors, but others are welcomed too.


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It seems like the IR35 situation might be about to get better. I've heard the government's change in the law meant that loads of locum doctors have left and a huge amount of IT contractors also.. leaving IT projects incomplete.

I think rather than a blanket ban on locum docs being able to set up a limited company soon jobs will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

I've had emails from agencies offering jobs in the private sector as "outside of IR35".  Hopefully soon it'll be the same for NHS jobs.

I for one think that soon we might be in a better position than we were before. Because the responsibility has been shifted onto the employer rather than individual.. if a job is advertised as outside of IR35 there is no risk to us should the government investigate.

Fingers crossed, I may start locuming agian soon.

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If you were working via a limited company outside IR35 before the new rules came into effect, please take the time to complete the IPSE/CIPD survey to measure the effects of the new rules, whether or not your way of working has been affected.


Many thanks

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Sounds like some people in Tewksbury are starting to have buyers remorse from the Nov elections. Maybe change and a new voice is a good thing after all

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