Seriously, how does a psychiatrist app actually work when you don't want drugs?

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I have chronic condition since young and now many overlapping disorders are developing my risk of diabetes. I didn't know I've been battling mental health since I was little, my mum kept it from me cause she trained me the natural way. I used to seek 'speech therapy' and 'psychologist' when I was young. I can't remember anything when I stopped seeing psychologist anyways. Even if I have disorders, I like to think that I'm perfect and can motivate myself, so why do I need psychiatrist? MY supportive friends keep saying I need help ever since I entered my 20's -- "guilt, nervousness, embarrassments, hopelessness and anxiousness" -- that's what my friends see me because I've been isolating myself. I haven't see psychologist when I entered high school anyways. It was a very long time ago. I may have those, but I know how to motivate myself so why does everybody keep saying I need help?? 

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Hi Suzzy

This forum is mainly related to learning psychiatry and as such we don't generally give opinions on patient specific problems, which would probably get answered better on a forum that was set up to support people with anxieties etc.

One thing I would totally agree on is that old cliché of "you need help" is not very helpful in itself, and a lot of people say it to people in all sorts of situations! It is a very general statement, and that some aspects of our personality are simply just how we were made!

Some people so find counselling helpful to discuss anxieties they have, but that is normally a psychologist lead service and does not usually focus around drugs as you mention, which is more the realm of psychiatrists.

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