Canada my (pipe) dream. Hopefully!

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Greetings y'all. Am a UK citizen and I did my medical degree in the Caribbean.  I came back to the UK, passed the PlAB,  did my the year of prho training then did 1.5 years A&E sho then went to NZ for 3 years (paeds sho 9 mo. The rest of the time was a psych house officer). Returned to the UK in 2009, did 6 mo psych sho, then lay sho for 6 months. Subsequently got on CT training in psych. Had to do a year exrebcuon. Now since feb 2015 have been a speciality doc in learning disabilities psych. Passed 2 of the rcpsych exams but failed the casc. Do not want to do casc again. What are my chances of working in Canada? Would learning french increase me odds?

Cheers in advance 

The alienist

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