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I completed three years of general psychiatry residency and plan to complete only one year and few months of the second year ( instead of completing two years of child fellowship). After completing the first year of child psychiatry fellowship, I will be eligible for adult psychiatry board.
Would I have the same job opportunities available for practicing in adult psychiatry? How would partially completing the child fellowship affect my adult psych job opportunities/ salaries/ benefits?
Also, if I plan to practice child psychiatry in future, what effect would it have on my job options for child psych jobs?
Would if affect my ability to get a medical license in another states/ renewal of license?
Thank you!

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I think this is mostly a UK board, and it sounds like you are not now in, or planning to work in, the UK.

Might have better luck asking in a forum geared towards where you are or where you are planning to work.

Good luck,


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