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Hi there guys,

i am a relative new comer to the NHS. I am currently working in pediatrics trust grade and have done so for a few years previously (abroad). I am thinking of switching careers to psychiatry. I would appreciate any advice you have on how to go about getting a feeler for psych to see if it's the right fit for me. Could I pick your collective brains please? How is the work life balance and how stressful is it?

Any one know if it's hard to get into a training programme? I'd like to work in child psych in the future or neuropsych. Any advice and experience is greatly appreciated.



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Difficult question to answer Gaya as I've only ever done psychiatry. I think the difference with our subject is that there are SO many different areas you can go into and demands depend on what level you're at.

Generally I'd say in your CT years at times you'll have to almost play the role of an FY2.. you'll sometimes be the only medic with any medical knowledge on the ward. However, this isn't always the case and in community jobs it won't be like that at all. Also within CT years you'll need your exams and it's quite demanding outside of working hours.

ST4-6 is a completely different story, say goodbye to exams and hello to more psychiatric type decision making. You'll get time aside for research, special interest, study leave etc.

Consultant (I'm not there yet) seems to vary a lot. Acute inpatient psychiatry seems like a treadmill to burnout if you ask me. Community seems better. Niche areas such as eating disorders, rehab seem good. Specific fields like CAMHS and LD have a reputation of being more family friendly jobs.

Hope this helps, any specific queries PM me.

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