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I applied for GAP and OA but I was very stuck as to what to pick. Pros and cons for both. I was offered a job in both and eventually picked OA. There was no option for dual training locally and being LTFT I may not have picked that anyway.

I am hoping that I have made the right choice but I already miss some aspects of general adult and I am finding OA more dementia heavy than I expected. I am really worried that further in to my st4-6 I decide I made the wrong decision. 

I wondered if anyone could advise what my options would be if I wanted to change specialty? I realise from person spec for st4 jobs that you are exempt from applying if you relinquish a training number. Has anyone else been in this position who could help? I am not keen to go down the staff grade route. I have heard of others training in a second specialty after cct in one but being ltft, I would be training for years and years. 

Many thanks for any advise. It is much appreciated! 



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