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Hi there,

I am an FY1 aiming to apply for CT1 post in the UK, I was wondering whether things like conferences, psychiatry courses and something like an online CBT diploma are of relevance to the CV point system. Also is there any official document published about point accreditation in the CV (max points for audits/ papers ect) ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi @Bertha the person specification/entry requirements and information about the entrance assessment (SRA) for Core Psychiatry Training are on the National Recruitment site

All those things that show your commitment to the specialty are helpful in the appointment process, and if you have to do an interview, you will need to bring a portfolio to demonstrate your professional development. However, if you do well enough in the SRA you can 'bypass' the interview and will get a post offer directly. 


Hope that helps

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Thanks for this thread.  I am writing as someone who is mid application in the 2018 re-advert for CT1.  I've had the SRA but the interview is in a week and a half.

I am struggling with how to create my portfolio. I have an intense interest in psychiatry, but this has mainly developed since finishing foundation and apart from one short audit and a day conference relating to psych I have no hard evidence of anything since foundation.  I haven't been good at keeping up any sort of portfolio while out of training :( 

Now this is the (not comprehensive) list of headings suggested by the application guide for a portfolio:

  • A copy of your CV including previous posts and qualifications 
  • Your personal development plan  
  • Relevant workplace based assessments  
  • Any other supporting information, such as feedback from previous posts, patients, colleagues or references 
  • Reflective practice 
  • Audits / Quality Improvement 
  • Presentations / Posters 
  • Publications 
  • Teaching delivered or Teaching courses attended

Some items, like CV, I'm not worried about, but other stuff like poster (all I have is something completed 4 years ago on CT scanning in head trauma!)  Publications..... no!

And personal development plan:  How vague or concrete does this need to be?  At the moment I am interested in phsychotherapy, and have read around this.

I feel a bit like a kid that has not done there home work.... But if anyone that has been in a similar boat has any helpful tips/ hints then that would be appreciated.

Also, some feedback as to how evidence was presented would be useful.  At the moment I thinking of trying to produce the evidence in the style of one formatted report.. but currently having an issue accessing my archived foundation eportfolio,  thats a different issue!

N.b. it looks like there are no vacancies where I want to be for training so this application may end up just being a trial round, which may be for the best!






Also I'm planning on doing paper A in August, but again that probably can't be used to say much because the interview is beforehand!...

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