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Essay 12: Organic personality disorders

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The occurrence of organic personality disorders supports the hypothesis that personality disorders per se reflect underlying brain abnormalities. Discuss critically.

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Organic basis of personality essay

brief essay plan...

Start with paragraph about that welsh miner who rather dramatically got a pick through one of his frontal lobes. End with quote on the changes in his behavior.

Moving onto lobotomies and chaging attitudes to them, ie is the nurosurgical alteration of personality the business of would be gods and phrenologists.

Approach personality, definitions; enduring behavior patterns, heritabitlity etc.

Answer the question; no, just because natural experiments give insights into what part of the brain does what, in terms of personality features, this does not mean the action of these 'phsical components of being' should be judged as abnormal.

Historical personalities, the value of the personality to suit the situation, ie some/many of the movers and shakers in history would these days recieve narcistic/psychopathic/schizoid type labels.

Discuss the inclusion of personality in ICD-10 as something that can be 'pathological' as due perhaps to the apparent trend in this liberal/ politically correct/ not believing in anything/apathetic society to sanitise and normalize everything in sight. (buff it out a bit).


Certainly personality has demonastrable organicity but the question posed is a political question, a question of it's time.

Include evidence of learnog throughout; 'areas of brain' research etc.

On another note I've always regarded the essay option as the most fun, where I can let the B.S. out. It's a very personal thing, and should remain so in my opinion. Recently I have been reading and hearing from my colleagues that a bit more MCQ type knowledge is being saught after. This bums me out. There is a tremendously liberating feeling to knowing that if if you write legibly, in english and take up the expected ammount of paper, you've already passed. that you could express yourself.

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Thanks for replying, this is what produces all of the benefit of this site.

The point about personality disorders being something of a social construct is a good one.

The whole question revolves around the validity/reliability of the concept of personality disorder as it is currently defined in DSM-IV and ICD-10. Thus the critique of that argument can revolve around this area.

I suppose since it is an essay about the organic basis one could also choose to support it with the relevant evidence.

There are three types of organic personality disorder listed in ICD-10

There are also immature EEG's in antisocial personalities

There are questions about impulsivity in the dramatic personality types which may result abnormalities in the frontal lobes.

Connection with attention deficit disorder

Relationship with epilepsy

Supposed increase of XYY in prison population etc

Ill have a think of some more supportive evidence and add it to the essay.

Thanks again for your useful contributions

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