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Hello PsychClub members!

I joined this forum over 4 years (Nov 2014) ago, thinking seriously about moving from a SASG post to consultant.

This was primarily to ensure job security but to develop within the role.

It has been a long process and not to be underestimated but suited my circumstances.

I would not advise anyone to follow if they would be better suited to re-enter training.

I completed MRCPsych with help from the PsychClub forum and submitted my portfolio in March 2017.

After what seemed like an eternity (Sept 2017) I was refused by the GMC.

I submitted a review application in July 2018 with additional evidence.

A few days ago I was approved for entry onto the Specialist Register!


Many thanks to the support given by PsychClub members.

Some things have changed in that time to make the process slightly easier and some areas are offering CESR directed SASG posts but it still needs a massive change to make the process clearer and to give more support to SASGs.

I hope going forward I can help others follow this route if it suits their needs.

Best wishes to all for the New Year!


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Congratulations Dr Dave. Fantastic achievement indeed.

Best wishes for your career to progress as per your wishes

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Congratulations Dr Dave on your achievement. I will be venturing into MRCPsych exams this year and I have two questions if you could take time and answer them, it would be highly appreciated. First being, after MRCPsych and subsequent GMC full registration, how are locum job perspective currently (Staff grade and Associate spl job)?                Secondly, after MRCPsych and registration, how good are the chances now to get into the higher training (any ST placement) and which ST is relatively easy to get into?

Best wishes and congrats once again.

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Hi Fludoc,

thanks for your words.

Specialty dr posts are around and difficult to recruit to so likely a good way to get experience and local contacts.

only a few associate specialist posts around coz the grade was closed approx 2008.

ST post you would have to apply and hope- again maybe easier with local experience.

good luck,



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