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Hi all

I'm a CT1 working in General Medicine from Malta. I've always had a bit of an interest in Psychiatry but decided to opt for medicine after completing my Foundation Programme. It's been nearly a year of medical training and to cut a long story short I feel I made the wrong decision, and am giving psychiatry strong consideration.

I recently obtained my full GMC registration with license to practice in the UK. However I'm unsure of how best to start in psychiatry. I've been looking into the possibility of Locum work and temporary contracts in the UK and they sound ideal, but I've got a couple of questions.

Are locum posts in the UK competitive in psychiatry? I ask this as somebody who has tailored their CV with the expectation of heading into medicine. I like the idea of gaining some experience in psychiatry and also want to give myself the opportunity to see if I enjoy the nature of the work.

Also, after completing my two years of foundation training and one year as a Basic Specialist Trainee in medicine (here we have a programme of 2 foundation years followed by specialty training. The first year of which is equivalent to CT1/SHO in the UK) what grade of posts would I be able to apply for? My experience in psychiatry has been a 3 month rotation during my FY2.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Hello Dr. Sean,

Kindly share your number or email ID to give a call and have a further discussion.


Isha L

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I would say do a few months of locum work (not competitive) and then apply for a core training post. A lot of people come into psychiatry from other specialities and in my experience are welcomed.

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