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Could we kindly discuss the questions that came up this time? Here is what I remember - will post more questions if I can remember.

1) Basal ganglia related question  - tracts going in and out of basal ganglia. Cannot remember specifics.

2) EMI The last question about alcohol addiction! I've never seen that anywhere in SPMM. I know the last answer was 12 steps as I am familiar with it. The first two I have no idea.

3) DIagnosis of Bipolar disorder - I chose 1 mania and 1 depressive episode as prerequisite. I am guessing that is correct. Correct me if wrong.

4) There was a question about Huntington's gene  it was IT something on chromosome 4. I got this one right.

5) EMI on side effects of Lithium (exac of psoriasis) and topiramate (weightloss) from a stem- let me know if you answered differently.

6) There were questions asking about receptors that Agomelatine target...there was another receptor related question (EMI) I cannot remember.

7) There were 2 or 3 psychology questions that were straightforward that you'd know if you covered stages.

8) There were two questions about kids abilities according to age. They had weird ranges...and it could go eitherway (right or wrong)...I am really not sure how this one went.


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Tom (theory of mind) questions actually it should be between 3 and 5 i couldnt be sure as they used 3 and 5 year olds in the famous  experiement and i said 5 what did u do? 

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Also sleep distubance treatment it was lorezepam nitrezepam clonezepam diazepam? 

Sleep wake circuits there were 2 questions and i said nigostriatal to one of them amygdala to the other they seemed irrevelant than others 

Rem movement disorders increase the risk of parkinson syndroms 

Delusion formation question anyone remember the options? 

Hallucination question extracampine etc 

Speech disorders in schizophrenia i dont remember the options 

Cjd question cerebellum lesions? 

Prp question? 

Psychopahrmacology smth about methilation and phosphorilation?   

Which happens earlier in alzheirmers? 

Elderly depression mri findings? 

Hiperphosphorilated tau in alzh 

Abstract thninking cognitive estimates? 

Executive function tower of london test? 

 Catie study metabolic synrome in males 30_40%? 

Unable to recognize landmarks? Smth about visospatial? 

Lithium second degree av block? 


12-18 one to two word sentences 

18-24 3 to 4 word sentences 

21 year old love and intimacy stage? 

Grief question agitation 



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Psychiatric examination speech type? 

Half life of venlafaxine sertraline? 

Constant plasma concentration of valproat amisulpiride and risperidone depot 

Olanzapine depot which one is true? 

Buspirone 5HT1A etc agomelatine 5HTC2 

Rivastigmine galantamine ach inh etc 


Buprenorphine partial 

Naltrexone ( long acting ant) disulphram 

Cocaine and smth about dopmaine 

Li vs valporat comparison question about use in mania and teratogenity 

Which one is not a prodrug? Do u remember the options? 

Decrease li level? 

Smth about tardive dyscinesia or nms? There were things about Elderly 10 percent etc 

Clozapine patient high levels of prl whcih test mri? 

Anorexia laxatives constipation hormone imbalance lh etc parotis gland vomitting 

Schizophrenia gen studies now focuse on what? 

Smth about virus targeting dna etc 

Alcohol dehydrogenase 

Formation of dopamine and noradrenaline 



In the 12 step question one was exposure the other motivational interwiew?  

Cognitive dissonance 

Fundemantal attribitional error personal chracteristics 

Speech in schizophrenia 

Minimum duration 4 days hipomania minitues acute stress 2 year and 3 months? 

Paranoid personality disorder? They are Stubborn 

Good enough mother winnicot 

Mahler symbiosys?  



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Alpha synuclein lewy body? 

Alzheimer and normal aging was is senil plaques or hirano i couldnt decide? 

Frontotemporal demantia nuerogullin 

White matter increases and grey matter decreases in puberty 

Smth about Concrete operational stage? 


Infestation delusion? 

İmportance of eeg validity? 


I answered mirtazapine but i dnt remember the question actually i made it up :)

Kohlberg moral development question i cant remember 

Alzheimer mri finding? Or schizophrenia mri finding? Snth about dlpfc? 


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Weschler scala which suggests organisity??  

Premorbid intelligince- national adult reading test 

Smth about oxytocine?? 

Transexxualism- wants to be a member of the opposite sex 


Nurse conditioned stimulus - even the picture of the hospital stimulus generalisation- stop feeling nausea extinction chemo causes nausea ne or what?? 

Present in newborn- pupillary reflex 


Parkinsonian tremor 4-6 hz 

Agitated patient under haloperidol depot urgent intervention to calm down? Inhaled bz? 

Topiramate weight loss 

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Conservation-concrete operational stage piaget 

Adenylate cyclase- 2nd messanger brain 

Cortisol adrenal gland 

Leptine adipose tissue 

ILGF 1 liver 



Fluoxetine half life 4-6 days 


Pregabaline - use in anxiaety 

Most srressfull- loss of a spouse 


Valproat constant blood level- 2-3 days 

Phenytoin- zero order kinetics 

Also another question about first and zero order kinetics asking about graphics etc 

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From above, I see prp question and extracampine hallucination? Anyone can remember the question bcoz I don't remember 

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Agranulactyosis risk in clozapine use 1/1000 

Stigmatisation in england idea that people can look after themselves decreases Stigmatisation? 

Ethics smth about euthonaisa talking to patient and family and collegues than deciding balanced decision? 

Thinking about the risk of clozapine and benefits beneficience of the patient? 

The other i dont quite remember but i did it malefience?  

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Thisis as far as i remember doesnt anyone would like to contribute in anyway? Waiting for a month is boring and hard

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hi! Does anyone study for December?


Any wats up group

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