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Advice given to examiners

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From Spring 99 marking sheet.



In order to ensure consistency in marking, Examiners are asked to adhere as closely as possible to the following procedures:

In marking the essay questions, Examiners should remember that the candidates are required to have only two and a half years' experience of psychiatry which will include only some of the psychiatric specialties. They are taking a general exam in psychiatry and are not specialists.

This Examination aims to test the integration of knowledge rather than encyclopaedic knowledge of any topic. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their skills at synthesising information and communicating their views in writing, as well as showing that they know the requisite basic facts. It is intended to test the ability to present and integrate relevant factual knowledge drawn from both clinical and basic sciences.

To assist you when marking, the Essay Panel have incorporated defined criteria in the Notes for Guidance. The criteria are as follows:

Introduction for examiners: An introduction is provided to set the scene, so Examiners will have an understanding of what to expect from the candidate.

Content: At least three core points of content required for a candidate to pass and a further three subsidiary points that the candidate should mention in order to obtain a good pass are provided.

Logic of argument: In order for the candidate to pass, it should be an absolute requirement that the candidate demonstrates the ability to present a case for or against a specific argument or point of view stated or implied in the question asked. The salient points should be presented in order of importance. The candidate should also be expected to back up the research findings by giving reference to the literature.

Literacy: The standard of grammar and spelling should be of an acceptable level.


The Notes for Guidance may incorporate a reminder about errors or if a candidate omits any important information/ facts relevant to the topic concerned (with an indication of the degree or penalty appropriate to each).

Candidates should not be credited for giving irrelevant or inappropriate information.

Your overall mark is a mark out of twenty and will be an aggregate of these two essay marks.

The following can be considered as a guide for marking:-

10, 9 or 8 Excellent

7 or 6 Good

5 Pass

4 or 3 Borderline fail

2, 1 or 0 Clear fail

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thanx webmaster,

but do- the early demented- examiners realize that the full mark is 20 and not 10??? and that is their opnions matter. I hope they do.

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