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Online Essay Club No.33: Culture

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Discuss the relationship between culture and mental health. Describe the important points you would consider when developing a psychiatry service for a multicultural society.

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Mental diseases from cultural perspectives




Drug Abuse

Eating Disorder

Post partum disorders

Personality disorders

Cultural specific disorders




Differences in way of diagnosiing

Differences in way of treatments

Differences in way of people who are specialists in treating mental disorders

Then overall comparison of Western. Eastern and African point of view towards the mental disorders and their treatments

Then how development in western psychiatry can help or influence and help the way mental disorders are treated in eastern culture

Role of ICD 10 as a way of international standard of diagnosis of MENTAL DISORDERS in eastern culture

Role of specialized bodies like Royal College of Psychiatrists in setting up collaboration with bodies in different culture to educate and help other cultures to understand their perspective and help them understand western perspective of mental health diseases

Quote studies like of schizophrenia where increased incidence has been found in Blacks as compared to whites as for psychosis is concerned

Quote studies in which Nowergien immigrants went to US and increased incidence in schizophrenia - was it because of cultural differences or otherwise

Finally take into consideration the economic and political implications of mental health in different cultures.



user friendly

easily communicative

non threatening

more staff needed from various cultures

assertive and outreach services in areas which are less developed mostly inhabited by minorities

overall survey needed to assess the extent of services needed

any services for special groups belonging to different cultures like those in prisons, those suffereing from drug abuse, women, elderly, children and those suffereing from learning disabiltiies

and finally ways and means to reduce stigmatism of being diagnosed suffering from mental illness in minorities groups

Also if there are any social support or self help groups in the community for people from minority groups

Use of media belonging to minority groups - different channels for health and mental health education



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