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1 Recent advances in the field of genetics offer hope to sufferers of mental illness. Discuss.

2 Discuss how you would develop a mental health service that is more responsive to the needs of women.

3 Discuss the role of psychiatry in the assessment and management of sexual offenders.

4 Discuss the impact of recent reforms of the National Health Service on the provision of psychiatric services.

5 Over the next twenty years the number of elderly people is predicted to increase significantly. How is this likely to affect the mental health services?

6 Should the work of child and adolescent psychiatrists be integrated into a paediatrics service instead of a mental health service?

7 What do you understand by the term 'risk assessment'? With reference to the literature, describe how you would assess risk in patients on mental health wards.

8 'Psychiatry enables us to correct our faults by confessing our parents' shortcomings.' Discuss.

9 Describe how you would set up a community-based mental health team.

10 'In every hospital outpatient clinic there should be easy access to an assessment by a psychiatrist.' Discuss this statement, focusing on the potential contribution of psychiatry to other clinical departments of a general hospital.

11 Discuss the differences between general adult and old age psychiatric services and why these services should remain separate.

12 The occurrence of organic personality disorders supports the hypothesis that personality disorders per se reflect underlying brain abnormalities. Discuss critically.

13 Compare and contrast the effects of dependence inducing psychoactive substances paying particular reference to the proposed underlying neuropharmacological mechanisms of action. Use this as a basis for discussing the management of dependence in each case.

14 In the state of New Mexico, psychologists are now being allowed to prescribe medication. This move may eventually be introduced in the UK. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

15 Discuss the role of consultant psychiatrist in the context of coming of PCG's and PCT's.

16 A patient with schizophrenia appears quite untroubled by his condition. How would you justify enforcing treatment that he is unwilling to accept?

17 The status of a 'drug as illicit' is the major determinant of the problems that ensure from its use. Discuss.

18 Are postnatal mental illness a distinct identity? Discuss in relaton to avilable evidence.

19 Review New Mental Health Act.Critically appraise it in relation to clinical practice.

20 Discuss outcome research , its advantages and disadvantages. How can it affect the clinical practise.Will it flourish in UK?

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21 Standardised assessment tools are underused in clinical psychiatry. Discuss this statement with reference to the value of such tools in the management of mental disorders.

22 'The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water'-Freud. With reference to the literature, discuss the impact of psychotherapy on the modern day management of mental illness.

23 Discuss the effects of childhood abuse on mental health.

24 (a) Describe the psychological consequences of traumatic events and (B) discuss the usefulness and validity of post-traumatic stress disorder as a psychiatric category.

25 Describe the measures you would implement to improve the prevention of suicide and self-harm, in both the short and long term.

26 Statistics suggest that in Scotland about 35% of absenteeism from work is caused by mental health problems, at a cost of between £1bn and £2bn. Describe the initiatives you would introduce to tackle this problem.

27 The distinction between 'organic' and 'functional' conditions has little relevance in modern psychiatric practice. Discuss this statement.

28 The treatment of bipolar affective disorder starts with lithium therapy. Discuss the validity of this statement with reference to the literature.

29 Discuss the evidence for and against early interventions in psychosis.

30 In a patient with panic disorder, discuss how you would arrive at a treatment choice of pharmacotherapy, psychological therapy, or both, with reference to knowledge of aetiology and outcome factors.

31 &quot:lol:ay hospital care for patients with dementia does not alter the prognosis of the disease and is, therefore, a waste of resources'. Critically discuss this statement with reference to the literature.

32 'Psychotherapy is inherently untestable'. Discuss this statement critically with reference to methodological issues and the available evidence.

33 Discuss the relationship between culture and mental health. Describe the important points you would consider when developing a psychiatry service for a multicultural society.

34 You are the Clinical Director in a town which has recently had a large influx of asylum seekers. Discuss how you will adapt the service you provide to accommodate the mental health needs of this population.

35 'The most important step in the treatment of mental disorders is to involve the family.' Discuss this statement with reference to the management of the major mental disorders of childhood and adulthood.

36 Discuss how you, as a Consultant Psychiatrist, would set up a service to manage mental health problems in a prison population.

37 Discuss the implications of the legalisation of cannabis on the work of mental health teams.

38 'The general psychiatrist is dead, long live the specialist.' Discuss this statement with respect to the management of adult mental illnesses.

39 Discuss the principles involved in writing Mental Health legislation. What difficulties do you forsee in practice? Illustrate your essay with reference to the management of different illnesses, including dangerous severe personality disorder.

40 The advent of atypical antipsychotic medications means that resources for mental health wards should now be diverted into expanding care in the community. Discuss.

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Interesting essays you've got there! I'll go through them in turn, and I'm sure one of them will come up. It's difficult to master everything isn't it? Shat were your secrets?

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I know it's late for more, but I thought a couple of last minute review topics:

- DOH 'Valuing People', i.e. the new rules for LDs in NHS might be hot topic this year

- Continuing Professional Development

- Working with Interpreters

The latter can be found in the March Issue of Advances in Psychiatric Research.

Again, gals and guys.. what's done is done.. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TOMORROW

(Freeky.. it's THAT time again.. :-/ :-[ :'( )


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