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this is an intersting topic, scratch!!

The advent of atypical antipsychotic medications means that resources for mental health wards should now be diverted into expanding care in the community. Discuss

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25 Describe the measures you would implement to improve the prevention of suicide and self-harm, in both the short and long term.

Introduction , talk about gov policy[aim to bring down by 12% by 2010].identifying high risk group is imp but even if we identify  can we prevent them from harming themselves or killing themselves?

Epidemiology – prevalence Suicide is a serious and global public health problem (Bertolote et al, 2003). It has been estimated that in the year 2000, 814000 people died by suicide worldwide (World Health Organization, 2001). It has also been estimated that for every suicide six people will suffer intense grief in the aftermath (Clark & Goldney, 2000). In the Western world, suicide rates for men vary between 5.5 per hundred thousand in Greece and 43.6 per hundred thousand in Finland, and for women they vary (per hundred thousand) between 1.4 in Greece and 15.6 in Denmark (World Health Organization, 1996). In those aged between 15 and 34, suicide is now one of the three leading causes of death worldwide (Bertolote et al, 2003).

                      Incidence among various illnesses

Recent studies show that in England and Wales the annual suicide rate is 10.0 per hundred thousand and in Scotland it is 17.3 per hundred thousand (Department of Health, 2001). Half of all people who die by suicide have had previous contact with mental health services, and half of this group (i.e. one-quarter of all people who die by suicide) have had contact in the year before death (Appleby, 2000; Department of Health, 2001). Psychological autopsy studies have confirmed a major association with mental illness. As many as nine out of ten individuals who die by suicide have a mental disorder at the time of their death, with about five out of ten suffering from primary depression (Clark & Horton-Deutsch, 1992; Lonnqvist, 2000).

Risk factors


Short term measures –  identifying high risks

                                  Managing the illness   treatment, secure environment    


                                  Reg risk assessment – levels of observation , seclusion,      

                                  use of mental health act

                                  use of crisis team, helpline

                                  Intensive follow up

                                  CPA, too much paperwork,

                                  All staff in contact with patients at risk of suicide should receive training in the recognition, assessment and management of risk, of both suicide and violence, regular intervals

 problems with this kind of measures  - pressure on beds and resources

                                                       - people manipulating the system

                                                       -use of mental health act  contentious


-      hesitate to take clinical judgement, unnecessary

                                                                                    admissions as clinicians do not want to take any

                                                                                     chances at all   in administrative and bureaucratic


long term --

i m tired now, will complete it latrz, or sumbody plzz do it for me.


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Hi Drphalaksh,

The flow of your essay is so good that I don't want to spoil it. Now, please complete what you have started.


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