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References related to Deliberate Self Harm, edited

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1. Majority of people who self injure, do not go to the hospitals (Hawton et al  2002)

2. Around one quarters of suicides are preceded by acts of self harm in the preceding year (Owens and House 1994)

3. Repeated Self- Injury from a liaison perspective. Broadhurst & Gill APT: May 2007.

4. NICE Guidelines:

   Psychosocial Assessment should be offered to all who have self harmed. Treat the patient  

   with respect and dignity. A risk assessment mustbe done. Medical treatment should be offered

   even if they refuse psychiatric assessment. Assessment should continue throughout patient's

   hospital stay and all professionals should be involved. Management plan should be forwarded to

   all professionals involved in treatment. Staff should be regularly trained in view of assessing

   and managing people with self harm and suicide.


5. A high proportion of people who harm themselves have low self esteem. Favazza 1989)

6. Some patients felt that they were ignored, made to wait, given painful treatments as if they were punished by staff (McAllister 2002)

7. It was found that staff responses to people cutting or burning themselves were less sympathetic than towards patients having taken an overdose (Clarke and Whittaker 1998)

8. Kapur 2005, suggested that all people with self harm should receive a basic intervention and those identified as at high risk receive more intensive support.


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