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100 isqs from my memory [Part II Autumn 2002]

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i took the part 2 in oct 2002. passed the thoery and preparing for clinicals.  :)

These are a 100 isqs from my memory. sorry i had a bit of derailment and the basic sciences and clinical topics got mixed up!


Questions from memory;

1.      Specific reading disorders are present in 1%of school children in Japan

2.      Reading difficulties are present in 20%of British school children

3.      A typical British 12 year old boy is expected to sniff glue within the next 6 months

4.      Anxiety disorders in elderly almost always have onset in earlier life

5.      Seizure lasting more than 30 mins indicates pseudoseizure rather than real one.

6.      Prolactin level is normal after 20 mins of pseudoseizure

7.      Maternal deprivation in early childhood predisposes to alcoholism

8.      Attempted self harm in elderly is more in men than women

9.      Suicide in elderly is more in women

10.      Reducing the availability of means of suicide does not stop Suicides in long term

11.      Early onset of apraxia indicates picks disease rather than Alzheimer's

12.      Mania in elderly in 1/3 of all psychiatric problems in over 65

13.      Erectile dysfunction is caused by paroxetine

14.      Social phobia is characterised by fear of open space

15.      Alpha waves are slowed in eeg by chronic benzo use

16.      Indecent exposure is the commonest sexual offence by men

17.      Homicides increased in LD

18.      Mania in elderly is more likely to be accompanied by depressive symptoms than under 65

19.      Paraphrenia mostly precedes dementia

20.      Decreased activity in prefrontal cortex on pet scan in ocd

21.      Gait disorder suggests VD than AD

22.      Prominent cortical atrophy in Wilson's disease

23.      Nvcjd is characterised by positive tonsillar biopsy of prion protein

24.      Met-val allele in nvcjd if present on region 129

25.      Jaspers is associated with a hierarchical classification

26.       Interruptive style is used in strategic family therapy

27.      Chronic alcoholism can cause Parkinson's disease

28.      Dentate gyrus is a part of limbic system

29.      Death occurs early if parietal lobe is  affected in Alzhiemers

30.      Paraphrenia is characterised my first rank symptoms than schizophrenia in early life

31.      Manchester rating scale is a self rating scale

32.      HAMD is more sensitive for change than MADRS

33.      More than 50% of people on antipsychotics long-term will develop tardive dyskinesia

34.      Logistic regression is mostly done by the least squares method

35.      Increased autonomic activity is present in  ASPD

36.      Galvanic skin conductance increased in anxiety disorders

37.      Narcolepsy is characterised by sudden loss of muscle tone during excitement

38.      ADHD children have good peer group approval in school

39.      School refusal is more in the eldest child in the family

40.      Truancy often is a group activity

41.       Fragile X is characterised by CAG repeat sequences

42.       In medical inpatients, plasma viscosity can be used as a screening test for problem drinkers

43.      Sensitivity to sunlight is associated with acute intermittent porphyria

44.      Conduct disorder children have no deficit in executive functions if there is no ADHD

45.      Dyslexic children have decreased temporal lobe activity during attempts to read

46.      After open head injury at least 5% of patients suffer ent bleeding

47.      Memory for implicit tasks is affected in korsokoffs syndrome

48.      Uncus is supplied my aca

49.      5%of elderly schizophrenics have a family history of schizophrenia in the first degree relatives

50.      Encopretic children are more difficult to treat if there is associated Nocturnal enuresis

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51.      Leukoariosis is associated with cognitive decline

52.      Being with a partner increases the risk of repetition of deliberate self harm

53.      Shoplifting is associated with bulimia nervosa

54.      Hypothyroidism is associated with hirsutism

55.      Depression is a recognised feature of hyperthyroidism

56.      Peptic ulcer is a recognised complication of bulimia nervosa

57.      After a five year follow up in penetrating head injury to right cerebral cortex, there is strong evidence that apathy is a significant association

58.      Neurasthenia is a diagnosis according to ICD10

59.      Imaging studies have shown increased blood flow to prefrontal cortex in PTS

60.      Pseudocyesis is mostly found in women who are socially isolated

61.      Non pharmacological interventions can delay institutional care in Alzheimer's dementia

62.      Increased sensitivity to neuroleptics is a recognised complication of HIV infection

63.      40% of dementias have lewy bodies

64.      Stepwise cognitive decline is a recognised feature of lewy body dementia

65.      Delusions of persecution commonly precedes dementia

66.      Visual hallucinations occur commonly in elderly depressed patients

67.      Bulimia is associated with increased mortality

68.      Yohimbine injection in PTSD patients can precipitate panic attacks

69.      Lsd is associated with withdrawal delirium

70.      Mdma is causes physical dependence

71.      LSD causes physical dependence

72.      The ability to recognise expressions just by looking at the area around the eye is more in women (!!)

73.       Facial expressions convey sadness better than voice

74.       In the study of communication methods, telephone conversations are associated with longer utterances compared to face to face interactions

75.      Leadership skills are independent of specific situations

76.      Aura is a typical feature of Primary generalised seizures

77.      B12 deficiency commonly causes dementia

78.      Acamprosate inhibits alcohol dehydrogenase

79.      Longstanding multiple sclerosis can cause Dementia

80.      Atypical facial pain characteristically presents as a deep facial pain

81.      Hypothyroidism can lead to bone pain

82.      Mother smoking during pregnancy is associated with mental retardation in child

83.      A gene consists of coding information for intron, codon and mRNA

84.      In fragile X syndrome the short arm of the X chromosome is fragile

85.      Pindolol is used in augmentation for resistant depression

86.      Hippocampus is supplied by Anterior cerebral artery

87.      Emotional lability in a patient with dementia indicates vascular dementia rather than AD

88.      First onset of depression in a man aged 65 without any previous history of depression is likely to be dementia

89.      Benzodiazepines cause dependence after 2 months of treatment

90.      Primacy effect is a feature of declarative memory

91.      A child comfortably playing with a stranger in the absence of mother is indicative of insecure attachment behaviour in the Ainsworth strange situation test

92.      A dazed look on the child's face when the mother returns is consistent with insecure attachment in the Ainsworths strange situation test

93.      Visual hallucinations are a recognised feature of cannabis use

94.      Conduct disordered boys usually get approval from their non deviant peers

95.      After adolescence, girls get more depressive symptoms than boys

96.      Continuous reinforcement is more difficult to extinction than intermittent reinforcement

97.      Desensitisation therapy for fetishism involves counter conditioning

98.      Rivastigmine is a selective inhibitor of buteryl cholinesterase

99.      In treatment of anorexic patients with severe weight loss, initial weight gain is associated by cognitive improvement

100.      A transient increase in response to conditioned stimuli occurs immediately after extinction

mmmm;.. some other questions are only patchy in my memory;so I haven't included them.

I have tried to avoid recall bias as much as possible! Some questions are vaguely worded; but that's the way most were in the exam!

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Post 100 messages and you can have your 'God' status for free  :lol:

Meanwhile, you'll have to make do with 'Psychiatrist of the Month' - awarded monthly to the person who posts the most useful message!

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thanks again satya for your beer offer 8)

gurpal...If i knew i had to do 100 posts..i wouldve posted all my 100 questions as separate posts ;):lol:

anyway...thanks for the most coveted title 'psychiatrist of the month'...have you got a badge or something saying 'psychiatrist of the month'?

I can wear it to my clinicals to impress the examiners :D

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Not a badge but you can have a trophy as your personal pic for the month. If you print this page on card, cut out the trophy carefully using scissors (you may have to ask a responsible adult to help you with this) and stand it up on your mantlepiece, it almost looks real. ::)

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thanks a lot gurpal....i will try to do that when and if i eventually find a 'responsible adult' ::)

(cant think of any i know!)

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