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ISQs from Part 2 Spring 2003 (3 of 4)

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120.      Motor restlessness reduces in adolescence in ADHD.

121.      Monozygotic heritability is 90% in Autism,

122.      Heritability of conduct disorder is 0.1 to 0.2

123.      Cocaine use is associated with somatisation.

124.      Juvenile delinquency in females causes more psychiatric illness.

125.      Genetic locus heterogeneity is seen in Juvenile delinquency.

126.      Disorganised attachment leads to non-accidental injury.

127.      Profschizophrenie means schizophrenia with cognitive deficits.

128.      Blushing is seen in Kertschmer;s sensitiver Beishwangun.

129.      Male homosexuals are more depressed than male heterosexuals.

130.      Female homosexuals are more depressed than female heterosexuals.

131.      There is a burst of activity involved before extinction.[unsure of exact wording]

132.      Following extinction, you cannot re-condition

133.      Reading digits after address in a phone book represents automatic attention.

134.      While reading a list, recency effect is preserved in Alzheimer;s.

135.      Impact of life events-Revised, has a scale for increased arousal.

136.      Stimulus preparedness explains phobia.

137.      Carbon di oxide sensitivity explains phobia.

138.      GAD is called 'nervous shock' in law.

139.      Disulfiram use is negative reinforcement.

140.      Behaviour modification in severe LD is helpful.

141.      Factitious disorders are feigned illnesses for financial gain.

142.      Operant conditioning is used in LD.

143.      Women are more suggestible under oath than men.

144.      Question on definition of Premack;s principle.

145.      Fetishism can be treated by squeeze technique.

146.      In paedophiles, change in behaviour needs to be seen before empathy for the child.

147.      If there is a recent history of sexual abuse in a child, immediate removal from the house is necessary.

148.      Fear of heights is seen in a 1 year old.

149.      Object constancy is seen before attachment behaviour.

150.      Object constancy means being consistent.

151.      Normalisation is the same as positive discrimination.

152.      Prejudice improves own self esteem.

153.      In Cortical blindness, one can still see within the blind spot.

154.      Sadness is recognised better by face than voice.

155.      There is a sustained gaze before the last utterance of a word.

156.      Socratic questioning is used in CBT.

157.      Incorrect thinking/wrong theory of mind- is a model for CBT,

158.      Semantic differential is used to measure attitudes.

159.      Equal interval scale is used to measure attitudes.

160.      When an Autocratic leader is absent, others stop working.

161.      Behaviour of others is normally considered dispositional.

162.      In social power, reward is better than coercion in families.

163.      In social power, expertise at work is in conflict with referential power.

164.      Inter ictal psychosis is more in epilepsy with LD.

165.      Question on social exchange theory..

166.      Perinatal complications predict future ADHD.

167.      Homosexuals have spent less time with their father.

168.      The roles of patients and carers are clearly defined in a Therapeutic Community.

169.      Migration to developed countries is an aetiological factor for schizophrenia.

170.      Obsessions respond better than rituals in OCD.

171.      Thought blocking effectively treats obsessions.

172.      Specific phobias are exclusively seen in women.

173.      Traffic calming schemes reduce the incidence of LD.

174.      A child is normal at birth with hypothyroidism.

175.      Life events affect lower social class than middle class.

176.      According to WHO, disability follows impairment.

177.      Tic disorder in childhood is transient.

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