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ISQs from Part 2 Spring 2003 (4 of 4)

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178.      Autistic children;s parents have usually noticed abnormalities in the first year of life.

179.      Affective state is normal in depersonalisation.

180.      Offences after drinking are reduced by police regularly visiting public houses by midnight.

181.      Sleep wake cycle is disturbed in jet lag.

182.      Question on ispsapirone..

183.      Late paraphrenia is found in more than 10% of old people.

184.      Diogene;s syndrome is treated by psychotherapy and in-patient treatment.

185.      Sleep wake cycle is disturbed in narcolepsy.

186.      Left heart failure causes apnoea and insomnia.

187.      Orthopnea suggets cardiac neurosis.

188.      Behavioural family therapy uses circular questioning.

189.      Amenorrhoea is seen in bulimia nervosa.

190.      Daily fluid intake restriction is indicated in an 8y old boy with no physical or psychological problems, with nocturnal enuresis.

191.      Specific reading retardation is associated with glue ear.

192.      Specific reading retardation is associated with conduct problems.

193.      Passivity experiences are seen in persistent delusional disorders.

194.      Post partum psychosis begins within 14 days of delivery.

195.      Marital disputes are seen in homes of children with chronic physical illnesses.

196.      Impulsive offending is seen in borderline PD.

197.      Extensive case management as compared to standard case management reduces future hospital admissions.

198.      MDMA users show hypo-osmolarity.

199.      According to the National Comorbidity Survey, 1% of the population admit to suicidal ideation in a week.

200.      Dietary exclusion is useful in the treatment of ADHD,

201.      Perinatal birth injury brings forward onset of schizophrenia.

202.      IV nerve palsy prevents the eye looking medially and downwards.

203.      In early onset dementia, progressive agnosia indicates Alzheimer;s than vascular.

204.      Visuospatial problems are seen if non-dominant parietal lobe is affected.

205.      Alexia without agraphia is due to ACA damage.

206.      Another question on alexia with agraphia.

207.      After gradual reduction of neuroleptics in LD, further medication is usually needed.

208.      Counter-transference is irrelevant in supportive psychotherapy.

209.      In a psychoanalytical group therapy ,the therapist aims to interpret idealisation about himself.

210.      Somatisation disorders are indicated for Brief dynamic psychotherapy.

211.      One of the questions on the CAGE questionnaire is are you AGGRESSIVE?

212.      Clinical assessment is better than actuarial approaches in the assessment of violence.

213.      Flexibilitas cerea is resistance to movement with normal tone.

214.      Bion did not promote pairning in group psychotherapy.

215.      Weight loss is seen in uncomplicated bereavenment.

216.      Piaget;s conservation refers to child;s understanding being very strict.

217.      Bilateral ECT is more effective than unilateral.

218.      ECT is contraindicated with a diagnosis of dementia,

219.      Memories about CSA are usually precise.

220.      Question on negative therapeutic reaction…

221.      Being demented nullifies testamentary capacity.

222.      Dementia is more in women not prescribed HRT.

223.      Fertility in late paraphrenia is low.

these are whatever i wrote down after the exam. sorry i could not separate out clinical from basic sciences. hope they are useful, all the best.

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Thank you very much. I wish more and more people were considerate wowards others like you. I hope you passed the exam and Good luck for your future.

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yes, thanks i did, and got an SpR post as well.

good luck to you

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