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ISQs in Medicine and Psychiatry

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1. Hypothyroidism causes bone pain

2. Hirstuitism can be caused by hypothyroidism

3. Depression may present with similar features to hyperthyroidism

4. Primary generalized epilepsy is usually associated with an aura

5. Epilepsy-related automatisms are a common cause of homicide by the mentally ill

6. Epileptic automatisms occur in 15-25 % of cases

7. A seizure lasting longer the 30 minutes is more indicative of pseudo-seizure than epilepsy

8. HIV disease progression is measured by CD4 counts

9. Delirium may be caused by Wilson’s disease

10. Suggestibility is increased in complex partial seizures

11. Atypical facial pain is characteristically superficial

12. On a medical ward, problem drinkers can be identified by plasma viscosity

13. Amphetamine abuse causes macrocytosis

14. Seizure lasting more than 30 mins indicates pseudoseizure rather than real one.

15. Prolactin level is normal after 20 mins of pseudoseizure

16. Chronic alcoholism can cause Parkinson's disease

17. Hypothyroidism can lead to bone pain

18. HIV enters the brain through infected macrophages

19. The suicide rate in HIV is 10% higher than expected

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