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1. Severe LD is recognised in all societies.

2. Fragile X carriers have 50-150 CGG repeats.

3. PKU must be tx within 6 wks of birth.

4. Rett syndrome displays signif geographical variation.

5. Cretinism is commonest global cause of severe LD

6. Turners Sx tends not to be linked with LD

7. The short arm of chromosome 7 is linked with autism.

8. Prader Willi syndrome was 1st described by Down.

9. Facial surgery in Downs' does more harm than good.

10. Abn speech in Downs is educational not anatomical.

11. Eyelash in the eye is a common source of pain in LD.

12. The Salamenca Statement was passed in 1994.

13. Rapid cycling BAD in Downs is commoner in men.

14. Anxiety disorders are present in at least 25% of LD.

15. 100% of Downs' have PM changes of Alzheimers.

16. There is no evidence for psychotherapy use in LD.

17. A third of all LD patients take psychotropic meds.

18. Neuroleptic malignant Sx is equally common in LD.

19. Incontinence is a RF for early death in sever LD.

20. Vigabatrin is a good 1st line Tx for partial seizures.

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Answers to the above:

1.   T

2.   T

3.   F

4.   T

5.   T

6.   T

7.   F

8.   T

9.   T

10. T

11. T

12. T

13. F

14. T

15. T

16. F

17. T

18. F

19. T

20. F

Taken from Gaskell: Seminars in Learning Disability (2003)

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