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Part II Individual Statements Autumn 2001 from my

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I am posting some Individual statemnet questions i recollcted from my memory from Last Autumn exam please post some more as you recall and also try to answer them

good luck

(they are not verbatim reproduction but I have done my best)

1 Clock drawing more commonly affected in Alzheimers than vascular dementia

2 In korsakoff’s semantic memory is impaired

3 The specificity of MMSE for a score over 24 is 60%

4 The prevalence of dementia doubles upto age 85 years

5 one third of neurotic disorder of the elderly start before 65 years

6 Normal MRI possible in Alzhemers

7 elderly non accidental injury is common with professional carers

8 recognition is imapired first before recall in alzhemers

8 Severe alzhemers present in 12% of cases

9 Agnosia more common in vascular than alzheimers

10 Sensory deprivastion may lead to persecutory delusion in elderly

11 TSH response is normal in Euthyroid depressed patients

12 Depression is less common in recently unemployed with support

13 XYY more in maximum secure units

14 XYY increase in agression

15Whole of cortex is stimulated in Tourett’s syndrome

16Neonatal joint stiffness present in Down’s

17 Recurrent bronchitis common in down’s

18Speech expression is diminished in downs

19 Nocturnal enuresis present in all parts of sleep

20 In baboons( why we need to learn about baboons!!!!????) female dominance comes from the mother

21 Postnatal depression reduces bonding

22 Infant has specific attachment for face like features

23 Reading difficulty more prevalent in UK than china

24 School refusal is associated with reading difficulties

25 For children with both fecal and urinary soiling urinary problem needs to be treated first

26 Increased frequency of shoplifting among girls

27 Increased risk of non accidental injuries in SCUB

28 in III n palsy pupils are dilated

29 L –R disorintation in non dominant parietal lobe dysfunction

30 cerebral atrophy seen in wilson’s

31 High cortical arousal in introverts

32 Substance P antagonists reduce pain

33 DNA has codons for intron,exon and RNA

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Excellent dude, where do they get these questions from? Baboons ,the college is full of apes!

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