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21. Carbamazepine can cause aggression.

22. LD pts have greater GP appt rates than non-LD pts.

23. LD pts have greater use of secondary care services than non-LD pts.

24. LD pts are operated on less than non-LD pts.

25. Body weight is normally distributed in LD population.

26. Mod. LD are more likely to be obese than severe LD.

27. Dental disease in LD is due to dexterity problems.

28. Respiratory disease is the chief cause of death in LD.

29. The commonest cancers affecting LD are GIT.

30. 50% of  Downs' have at least one abn heart valve.

31. A/sclerotic heart disease in Downs' is 'atheroma free'.

32. Nystagmus in Downs' tends to be pendular.

33. Cervical instability in Downs' causes hyperreflexia.

34. Mania does not occur in Downs'.

35. Prevalence of offending in the LD population is 1%.

36. Violent crimes are more often by female's with LD.

37. Autism has been linked with antisocial behaviour.

38. NHS High security LD beds are at 2 sites in the UK.

39. Not grasping the purpose of tx predicts incapacity.

40. Best predictor of capacity is the pt thinking that they 'may' be ill.

There's an insight into my exciting week...

Elvis ;)

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Answers to the above -

21. T

22. T

23. F

24. T

25. F

26. T

27. F

28. T

29. T

30. T

31. T

32. F

33. T

34. F

35. T

36. T

37. T

38. T

39. T

40. T

Taken from Gaskell:Seminars in Learning Disability (2003)

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Hi Mark

The question is based on a paragraph on p268 of the new Ed of Seminars in Learning Disabilities.

'It has previously been reported that the prevalence of a/sclerotic coronary artery disease in adults with Downs is low...therefore described as an atheroma free model...probably related to lower resting BP and heart rate, possible triplication of protective genes (cystathionine B-synthase) and the reduced effect of environmental factors such as smoking'.


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