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ISQs from Part 2 Spring 2003 (2 of 4)

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54.      The results of a test score are not normally distributed, so the test is not valid.

55.      The results of a survival analysis become less reliable the longer the intervals in censored observations.

56.      There is a regression to the mean of IQ in successive generations.

57.      Clozapine can be safely combined with carbamazepine.

58.      Clonazepam  causes hallucinations.

59.      5HT receptors are both ionotropic and metabotropic.

60.      Acamprosate inhibits glutamate

61.      Naloxone helps with opiate withdrawal.

62.      Lofexidine is an a2 agonist.

63.      Alcohol flush can occur with metronidazole

64.      Constipation can cause delirium.

65.      Clozapine acts on D3 D4 receptors.

66.      Lithium acts via the second messenger system.

67.      Cigarette smoking increases the level of antipsychotics.

68.      Nicotine patches improve concentration in non-smokers

69.      QT interval can be a maximum of 400 ms.

70.      Tricyclics can be used as maintenance treatment in older people.

71.      Fluoxetine increases levels of benzodiazepines.

72.      MAOIs reduce the efficacy of oral hypoglycemic drugs.

73.      St. John;s wort reduces the efficacy of oral contraceptive pills.

74.      Dependence should be treated with longer acting benzos.

75.      Acamprosate is validated for use of alcohol abuse in old people.

76.      Liver damage is caused by diazepam.

77.      SSRIs cause their effect on sleep by acting on 5HT2A receptors.

78.      Calcium channel blocker + dopamine agonist is used to treat NMS.

79.      SSRIs cause 10% of dementia cases to improve.

80.      Memantine can be used in vascular dementia.

81.      Memantine can be used in Alzheimer;s dementia.

82.      Dizoxasan/iminostilbene can be used with fluoxetine for depression.

83.      Half life of drugs is increased in old people.

84.      CSF is normally produced at a pressure of 60-150 mm of Hg.

85.      Upto 5 cells/mm is normal in CSF.

86.      Insulin release by the pancreas reduces tyrosine/tryptophan.

87.      Amphetamine is used in young with ADHD.

88.      Extroverts have increased autonomic arousal.

89.      CNV is an EEG  evoked potential.

90.      Alpha wave is seen in occipital lobe predominantly.

91.      Nightmares cause enuresis

92.      Depression causes reduced REM latency.

93.      CT scan mostly found normal in advanced CJD.

94.      In CJD, met/val polymorphism is seen at codon 129.

95.      Synaptophysin is the no of synapses per nerve

96.      Sympathetic nerve damage causes hyperaesthesia.

97.      Sleep walking is seen in depression.

98.      Standard error varies with the size of the population.

99.      Eating Disorders Inventory is self reported

100.      The differences in scores between BDI and HAM-D are due to the way they are conducted.

101.      Wernicke;s encephalopathy is of acute onset

102.      In delirium, onset of rigidity and cogwheeling is due to nicotinic acid deficiency

103.      Pantothenic acid deficiency cause dementia/delirium

104.      Vit B12 deficiency commonly causes delirium.

105.      In HIV, multinucleate cells are found in the brain.

106.      HIV causes Alzheimer;s dememtia.

107.      Action stage is easily brought about by discussing the harmful effects of drugs.

108.      Action stage follows contemplation.

109.      Fronto temporal atrophy mostly indicates Pick;s disease.

110.      NMDA activation causes neurotoxicity.

111.      Phencyclidine affects NMDA.

112.      Melatonin hypersecretion is reliably proved in SAD.

113.      If a person has depression in summer, you cannot diagnose SAD.

114.      Orbitofrontal circuits are affected in schizophrenia.

115.      School refusal is seen in boys.

116.      The gender difference in depression is exaggerated as we grow older.

117.      Ataxia is seen in amphetamine use.

118.      Of IV heroin users, 50% die at 10 years.

119.      Procyclidine abuse causes visual hallucinations

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Read the introduction to any of the 'ISQ Club' threads. :)

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Clozapine can not safely be combined with carbamazepine as both them can cause agranulocitosis. BNF.

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62 lofexidine is alpha 2 agonist


Ref : The maudsley 2003 prescribing giudlines

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106. HIV causes Alzheimer;s dememtia.


HIV encephalopathy is a subacute encephalitis that results in a progressive subcortical dementia without focal neurological signs. (CTP Synopsis 8th Ed - Ch. 11)

Alzheimers is the classical cortical dementia


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69. QT interval can be a maximum of 400 ms.


QT range:350-430ms (females towards the upper end of the range)

Oxford Handbook of Clinical medicine p.264

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94. true cjd has met/val polymorphism at codon 129 of chromosome 20

NB; sporadic is 100percent val-val Manchester course

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60. TRUE - Acamprosate is a Taurine derivate, it antagonisesNMDA- glutamate receptors and enhances GABA ergic function. - (Handout Guilford Course)

61. (False) NALTREXONE blocks the effects of opiates for up to 72 hours. Attempts to overcome the block could result in acute opiod intoxication. Therefore a NALOXONE- Challenge Test to confirm opiate drug free status in the absence of Naloxone induced opiate withdrawal before starting the NALTREXONE regimen may be useful. This should be done 10 days after the last reported opiate consumed.

NALTREXONE is used in MAINTENANCE- therapy, AFTER detoxification from opiates!(therefore would not help with opium withdrawal) -(Department of Health- &quot:lol:rug Misuse and Dependence-Guidelines on Clinical Management')

63.- TRUE- &nbsp:lol:rugs that inhibit liver aldehyde dehydrogenase and can cause the 'Antabuse- reaction' (= facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, GI-distress, hypotension, tachycardia) are: METRONIDAZOLE, Furazolidone, Sulphonylurea antihyperglycaemics, and of course Disulfiram. - (Royal College of Psychiatrists- 'Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology')

65. TRUE- Low affinity to D2, higher affinity at D1 and D4, also binds to D3. (Handout Guilford- Course)

66. TRUE- Lithium affects both cAMP and phospho- inositol (PI) second messenger system and thus attenuates the effects of certain neurotransmitters on their receptors. (RCP- 'Seminars in Clin. Psychopharmacology')

69. FALSE?- The normal range is 380- 430ms. However the Q-T intervall varies with the individual heartrate!- There is another question in the Pharmacology -ISQ thread where the College seems to try to confuse us with the unit (or recall issue?). Anyway- all units in terms of ECG are in time units sec, mm or sqares on the ECG paper or mV (amplitude, y-axes). A unit mV/ sec is nonsense! :lol: (Spoke to a Cardiology SPR 8) in A&E the other day- he was not surprised that a psychy- SHO would not know 'basics' re ECG, but he was surprised that I needed to know about it. I told him he would be even more surprised if he knew how much we know about baboons!) ;)

72. FALSE - Interaction between MAOI's and Insulin or oral Hypoglycaemics: Hypoglycaemia may be potentiated and prolonged. (MIMS- handbook of drug interactions 2001)

73. TRUE- St. John's Wort reduces the efficacy of :

oral contraceptives








It increases the effect of Antidepressants (SSRI's) (serotonergic effect)

(My notes from Part 1 revision, I think I copied it from the BNF)

83. TRUE- &nbsp:lol:ue to various reasons e.g. slowing of hepatic blood flow, reduced GFR, ....

What happened to all these enthusiasts re online study groups? Are there any self help groups out there? ::)

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