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Autumn 05 - questions to clarify

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Anyone remember better how these went?

1. Dementia with myoclonus occurs frequently in CJD

2. In list memory tasks the recency effect is normal in organic amnesia

3. Multinucleated Lewy Bodies are seen in 30% of dementias

4. Something to do with stress at work and cardiac stress

5. A defendant with amnesia for the event is unfit to plead

6. Suffocation alarm theory of panic disorder is that some people have a hypersensitive alarm centres - am sure it referred it to panic disorder - not anxiety - but a tricky question to be sure on

7. Stratification arranges / enables for greater power

8. Two samples significantly different on the Mann Whitney test can have the same median

9. There was some wordy question that mentined Festinger

10. Also a question that mentioned the Hawthorn effect was False

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