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MCQ preparation for SPRING \'06

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Happy New Year!!!!!

Here are some mcq's from the last paper in Autumn 05 (according to those that posted them). Hopefully some will be repeated again, and if we can do these, then that's at least something!

1- in group therapy analysis is in the group, of the group, by the group

2. Nicotine receptors in the brain are ion gated

3- Duloxitine has significant benefit in urgent incontinence

4- Duloxetine is serotonine and NA reuptake inhibitor

5- Conduct disorder has 0.1-0.2 inheritance

6- when the mother remary girls are more distressed than boys

7- social cohecion protects against influenza

8- maternal deprivation is significantly associated with alcohol dependence

9- Duloxitine has a halfe life of 24 hours

10- Somnambolism occurs in stage 3 and 4 NREM sleep

11- Eysenk personality inventory is idiographic

12- EEG in Huntington disease shows characteristic spikes and waves

13- Delirium is associated with theta waves in EEG

14- Bullemia is associated with significant increase in

rectal carcinoma

15- exessive alcohol drinking is significantly associated with incresed oesophageal carcinoma

16- Hachiniski score can differentiate alzheimers from mixed vascular and alzheimers disease

17- Lewy bodies are seen in about 30% of people with dementia

18- screening for ApoE is useful in councelling of family members in alzheimers disease

Good luck everyone!

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Hi Maverek,

Some of the answers are in the section 'Questions from past papers-Any answers?? '.Hope we can continue over there.


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