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last minute strategies to pass the part 2 theory

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hey guys..

thought you guys might be crapping a few bricks..

chill out..

heres the plan..

1. do all past question papers off superego.. choose guys around you and give each guy a past question paper to answer from end to end..

(Share it.. after the exams over mebbe you could post them on superego to help the others out.. after you pass.. if youve a good heart you can do it now..)

for ISQ's not on superego as the pdf posts.. they still are.. check the specific exam polls  for the lists of questions esp for the 2005/2006 papers.. and do the same with them..

you answer past papers its very difficult to fail..  

2. critical appraisal..  four step strategy

read ajetunmobi making sense of critical appraisal

read webmasters critical appraisal book.. its a quck evenings work.. or two max

manchester and superego notes for critical appraisal are pretty good..

do yellow book back to front (the later questions are more difficult)

do the ten manchester course papers.. actually work them out..

3. essays

read sample essays first.. off trickcyclists, off the ones PA posted on me pass the part 2 guarandamnteed guide post.. some kickass ones there i gotta say.. might find a link for others online.. if you do post it as a reply to this thread please..

READ royal college sample marking essays from the spring 99 exam to get an idea of what theyre looking for.. its on trickcyclists

make 30-40 references on a sheet of paper.. a few for each sub speciality.. get the habit of references.. and please please dont choose the lazy ass way of saying a lot of people have passed without references so i dont need them.. there really isnt any good reason to be intimidated by a few references..

and make a few essay plans.. 10-20 should be okay.. practise around 4-5 in full hand if youre enthu.. you wont regret it.. ok.. sorry.. strike that.. too much work.. work off PA's essays and the trickcylist ones.. makes 5-10 plans for practise.. do 2 long hand and timed..

there is more than enough material in manchester course to do essays


4. read manchester course (dont read anything else apart from critical appraisal essays)

and when youre practising critical appraisal practise for speed and not neat handwriting

and yeah.. take it easy dudes..

in the same breath.. i gotta say.. failing the theory is not an option.. do the fricking past papers you WILL NOT fail.. you can kick my ass later if you do..

if any of you guys are feeling stressed.. talk about it.. heck tell me about it on this thread and mebbe i could help..

if you'll pardon my french.. the attitude you guys gotta have is you gonna bend the exam over and F*** it in its lil ass...

and saying it again.. dont do that headless chicken runaround/shit.. work with a plan.. a doable plan not an ambitious read whole of oxford and malhi and puri and hall and skim through college seminars etc etc..


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oh slartibartfast, cant tell u how much u have boosted my morale with this post. i was thinking i am done for with my preparation, but it seems now there might be some hope. if possible could u post some references that u memorized. that would be great help.

for critical appraisal, do we need to do eceonomic analysis as well.


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yeah.. economic appraisal is pretty important as it has come before..

to make your job easier heres the link to a lil presentation i did on economic appraisal..

dont got the list of references though.. you could make a list off the manchester course notes as youre reading through them.. also off the essays from manchester course..

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hey slarti..

hows u..

me not so great,,

hope u still enjoying the party scene and everything ::)..

If u don't recognise who it is as i have changed my name think back bolton..

try and spk to u soon...

have got news..

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hey thanks for the kik ass bit :)

i hope ppl have tried writing an essay , just to get an idea of how many pages they can reasonably fill in an hour. helps decide when to draw the line on discussion and start on conclusion

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