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2004 ISQs

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-Couvade syndrome and pseudociesys are interchangeable terms F

-Moclobemide does not interfere with Tyramine F

-Ideas of reference are delusions F

-Self-Reference delusions are common F

-Primacy and recency are both of relevance in recall of a list of comprising of a single item T

-Magical undoing is a feature of Anankastic Personality Disorder F

-Belief that rules are inviolable are present (characteristic) in the pre-operational stage F

-Secondary processing is part of Freud's theory of dreamwork F

-Developing a warm relationship with the subject is part of functional analysis assessment F

-During a psychiatric interview one shoud avoid the use of closed questions F

-Benzodiazepines cause rapid EEG activity T

-Early morning awakening when present is a reliable discriminator between Anorexia Nervosa and severe depression F

-Distorted body image when present is a reliable discriminator between Anorexia Nervosa and severe depression T

-Tangentiality is a reliable marker of eminent relapse of schizophrenia F

-Psychomotor retardation is commonly accepted as part of the negative syndrome of schizophrenia F

-Hyperphagia is associated with Prader-Willy syndrome F

-Absent ankle (?) reflex is more likely to be result of subacute degeneration than Multiple Sclerosis T

-Bell's palsy is associated with increased number of lymphocytes in the CSF(?) T

-In OCD compulsive rituals characteristically follow intrusive thoughts T

-Fear of loud noises is commonly present at one year of age T

-Rotational vertigo is present in anxiety disorders F

-Confabulation is a important (essential?) feature of Korsakoff psychosis T

-In confabulation there are fragments of preserved memory T

-Carbamazepine interfere with NA channels F

-Benzodiazepines have specific binding sites in receptors T

-Episodes of hyperphagia occurs in anorexia nervosa T

-Parents of large family have good communication F

-Stimulus preparedness is relevant in simple phobia T

-Alexithymia makes assessment of mood more difficult F

-Auditory hallucination in Hallucinosis is characteristically fragmented F

-Specific reading delay is associated with spelling difficulties F

-St Johns' Worth interferes (reduce efficacy?) with SSRIs F

-Learned helplessness is an example of classical conditioning F

-Projective identification is a primitive defence mechanism T

-In depersonalization there is the feeling that time is passing very slowly T

-In delirium excitement (?) is common T

-Verbal fluency is affected early in frontal lobe dementia T

-At least 10 of the general population has a score of 125 in the WAIS-R T?

-Benzodiazepinics suppress REM sleep F?

-Sucking the thumb at 4 years is associated with future emotional disorders F

-Elementary hallucination can occur in the form of clear voices F

-Anxiety can affect counting the months backwards T

-Non-dominant Temporal lesions result In an inability to draw a geometric figure from memory T

-The reliability of a classification depends on the validity of its criteria F

-Stopping antipsychotics can precipitate Tardive Dyskenisia F

-ICD10 differentiate the severity of mental retardation categorically T

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