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Guest lyra

gmc and what rcpsych can do

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i've started this as a new topic as it is quite specific and i feel that members here could help to generate some ideas.

related to gmc thread

1. i have failed to get an injunction

2. i face a fitness to practice panel in october because i withdrew permission for them to disclose information.

RCPsych is supportive but have asked me to come up with suggestions as to what they might do.

so far i've come up with

1. make a statement .....bmj ?other

2. take some responsibility in setting services for sick doctors up across the country.

with easy access and confidentiality

3. address stigma and discrimination against mental health within the profession in a more active fashion(ie actions not just words)

please see previous thread here 'gmc new policy'

and forum ..gmc and air your views to the media for further details if needed

i would be grateful for your thoughts on what i can reasonably ask the college to do

they have a meeting next week

i'm in touch with chief exec and president is on side

so i don't want to miss the opportunity to address a very serious issue


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I know a few colleagues that suffer with depression or another mental illness but they are still practising psychiatry.I believe they have had treatment in the past.

My previous consultant used to tell me about his friend[colleague] who married his colleague that suffers with bipolar.He is on leave so I wont be able to ask him for advice.

Are you a BMA member?May be they can help and I think in BMJ there are some adverts about helping collegues who are ill.

Also find out from your defence union.

This is really unfair.


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i think in addition to what u have thought about Lyra, i feel the RCPsych should be much more proactive.

i am sure they have access to legal services and it wud be worthwhile for them to seek consultation regarding the best way to approach GMC.

They have to speak to the GMC about this - an obvious example of stigma towards mental health.

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what you are doing is incredible iyra. our support is with you.

you would definitely have considered this point but i am just writing it again.

how is it fair when patient information can not be disclosed even to the family without the patient's consent but information about a doctor who is also a patient can be disclosed on the internet for the whole world to know?

any descision by the FPD can be taken to the court and it can go upto the court of appeal and house of lords.get your defence union involved first as they will have all the legal back up you need if it goes to the courts.the court expense other wise will be impossible for simple doctors to meet.

discrimination about mental health in doctors shouldn't happen and i hope the panel thinks the same,if not,i know judges will agree with you because they would hate information about them being diclosed out. it is not a criminal record so they should not be allowed to do this.

the first hour of consultation with any solocitor is free for any case.find good ones in law like this and have an appointment to discuss your case even before going to the FPD.don't go the FPD on your own. BEST WISHES.

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