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pre- post mrcpsych

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i pride myself as being non- judgemental.But one issue scares me in the forum is how rigid views of people are.- whether it be from a race or language angle or viceversa.

the other fact which i have noticed (hopefully not fallen into the same trap) is people who pass tend to justify their merits of passing as opposed to the unfortunate ones who miss out.

Again nothing right or wrong about it but one should be aware that one could have failed by the skin of his teeth or passed equally by the same margin.

a borderline fail 8/20 sets you wanting 14/20( near brilliant performance) while a 10/20 ( a borderline pass ) requires only another borderline pass. the demarcation between borderline fail and pass is 2 which is based on the subjective judgement of the examiner.- pity. but they to are humans.some strict, some soft and some real b******s.

The counter point of view i would also like to consider is that this has been the state of affairs all my mbbs and pg career in india. nothing new.

what hurts is retaking the theory.

i suggest that a lot of talking has been done but no movement.

why not get the junior dr reps of each trust to collect a signatured petition on certain broad guidelines organised/formulated here. (these guidelines should include transperency and the chance to retain a theory pass for at least 2-3 clinical attempts)

I am sure there are a few junior dr reps and lnc reps here, please do take notice and post your views.

If guys like us who have come out of the system cannot help modify it then nobody can.

there are 4000+ members but most just fade off after their exams. only a handful have remained to comment and assist.... sad.I hope it is not a case of the abused becoming the abuser.

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first i wish to disagree with you in one thing. most people who pass part2 know that people who failed were merely unlucky but when someone passes its not just luck it is hard work and a bit of good fortune that gets you through. i have known friends who are very bright and didn't make it first time. their knowledge was never in question.

but i agree on what you say about the theory exam. this can be agreed and discussed in the next royal college meet but to expect a change soon may be impossible and with the PMETB coming into the scene and MRCPsych exams fading slowly, i would not think that there will be any changes at all.

i know the frustration of taking theory for the second time is very high. it will be unanimous amongst our colleagues that nobody wants to retake the theory in either part 1 or part2. pettitions will make no dfference as far as i am concerned they will just be another piece of paper for authorities.if you want to make a real change, it has to be through powerful deans communicating to the royal college. I am not sure many of us who have passed the exam still have the time and energy to initiate such a large scale project. If you are th Gandhi of this movement, may be your name will be remembered forever!! just kidding man. id on't think i have any solutions (not that i solve all problems :lol:) if there is a goo dplan, i shall definitely help.

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