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Terms that you may use at PMP...

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Especially for those like me (my pals from HK...)


Criminal Justice Liaison Team

- With inputs from an Approved Social Worker (ASW), Registered Mental Nurse (RMN), psychiatrist, psychologist and learning disability specialist.

- All magistrates’ courts, police stations, prisons and probation offices should have access to a court diversion/Criminal Justice Liaison Scheme

- More easily access psychiatric assessment for offenders suspected of having a mental disorder.

Gillick - I can't find an easy reference in Oxford's handbook

- Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority [1986] A.C. 112;

- Contraceptive advice and treatment for young people under sixteen years which stated that in exceptional cases a doctor exercising clinical judgment should decide whether to prescribe contraception to a young person without parental involvement and consent.

- Victoria Gillick, who had daughters under 16 years wrote to her local area health authority asking for assurance that, whilst they were under 16 years, her daughters would not be given contraceptive advice or treatment without her knowledge and consent.

- The area health authority refused to give such an assurance and Mrs Gillick began legal action to have the guidance declared unlawful because it infringed parental rights and duties.

- Case appealed to the House of Lords:

- A majority that contraceptive advice and treatment are essentially medical matters.

- There is no statutory limit on the age of the persons to whom contraceptive facilities might be supplied;

- That a girl under the age of 16 years had the legal capacity to consent to medical examination and treatment, including contraceptive treatment, if she had sufficient maturity and intelligence to understand the nature and implications of the proposed treatment and any parental right to control a child deriving from parental duty was a reducing right which existed only in so far as it was required for the child's benefit and protection and depended on the degree of intelligence and understanding of that particular child and a judgment of what was best for the welfare of the child.



- Closer working relationship which developed between the police and probation

- Essentially, the legislation requires the police, prison and probation services (acting jointly as the ‘Responsible Authority’) in each of the 42 Areas of England and Wales:

(i) to establish arrangements for assessing and managing the risks posed by sexual and violent offenders;

(ii) to review and monitor the arrangements; and, as part of the reviewing and monitoring arrangements,

(iii) to prepare and publish an annual report on their operation.



Speech and language team

- Assessment and diagnosis of a range of communication difficulties in children in special needs placements and/or receiving a multi-disciplinary approach to their support.

- Co-occurring learning difficulties, physical/sensory difficulties and complex health needs.

- Communication difficulties associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome or have a specific language impairment (SLI).

- Dysphagia (feeding and swallowing difficulties).


Individual, direct therapy

Programmes to be carried out by the parents/carers/staff

Monitoring/review and advice

Class or group based therapy sessions involving staff and relevant others

Advice on creating a communication-supporting environment

Introduction of a range of total communication strategies which may include Signalong, use of symbols/photographs/objects, AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)

Training for parents, carers and staff and relevant others e.g., Oldham 1:1 project

Home visits

Contribution to school targets and annual reviews

Work in partnership with parents/carers, Education, Health and Social service colleagues.



Youth Inclusion and Support Panel

- Recommendations made by lord Lamning after Victoria Climbie died so tragically.

- Identify key needs and risks and put together a programme of support and resources that will help the child and family to reduce the risk factors and increase resilience (protective factors).

- To ensure that vulnerable young people have one lead person coordinating a multi-agency support package.

- Effective communication between agencies and professionals.

- Not lost in the multi-agency “system”

- They have a lead professional advocating and supporting them through the complex process of getting help from various agencies at the same time.

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