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Will I pass?

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I am fed up of asking this to myself.What do others think?

These were my PMPs.

. 30 year old lady presenting to A& E after paracetomol overdose after breaking up with her boyfriend.history of suicide attempts in the pasts by taking O.D and lacerations on her wrist.

Had been in foster care until age 15 and has history of sexual abuse and history of alcohol and substance misuse.she is sking for admission into hospital.asess and manage.

started off with risks

back ground info from all the sources

DD- substance and alcohol induced psychiatric diorder



Acute stress reaction



HOPC-current attempt-asses intent and risk

associated mood

substance misuse and dependence

past attempts and seriousness-needing medical treatment

social supports

Developmental history and problems

By then examiner interrupted-what are the prones and cons of admitting her?

Admission will reinforc e the behaviour,and helps to maintain the cycle,if not associated with serious intent I would treat on O.P basis and reguler review.

Asked about therapies-Psychodynamic therapy-big nod

DBT-explain .started talknig about DBT and said -brief admissions for crisis resolution(remembered from manchester notes!) nd examiner asked if this is a part of a package and i said yes.she moved on to the next. NOT SURE IF I BURRIED MYSELF BY SAYING BRIEF CRISIS ADMISSIONS...........

2.A 30 year old L.D who can manage to find his way around the roads presents with increased levels of irritability and behavioral problems.currently living with elderley parents.

Started rubbing hid genitalias and exhibiting sexually disinhibited behaviour in the day centre he goes to.staff are concerned that he is exposing himself to the school girls.

Went fine.followed the structure.

Again examiner asked how will i asses the risk?spoke about previous sexual assaults,lack of remorse,current fantasies,matrubation,sexual pleasure,aimed at a perticular victim,substance misuse.

Asked reasons for his deterioration-spoke about physical(pain,constipation,infection epilepsy),psychological(hypomania.mania,psychosis)social(changes in staff,parental illness).

They were fine.said invlv e social work to arrange respite care for elderly parents.


said LD team .I should have said ?POLICE if risks are high.....

3.A 42 year man has been referred by the cardologist.has chest pain ,palpitations,and sweating for which no physical causes have been found.He is a school teacher being head in will you asses and manage?

Spoke about DD-Depression

anxiety disorder

agoraphobia with or without panic



substence induced psychiatric disorder.

Asked about etiology-dysfunctional beliefs during childhood(forgot parental illness,attention seeking in parents)

how will you manage?

Spoke about general approach to somatisation management-avoid unnessesary investigations,same memner of staff,discourag e emergrncy appointments,

CBT-asked to describe-did as well as i could but could have done it better.


mentioning acute admissions for crisis managment as part of ?DBt/TC in 1 pmp

Not involving police in second PMP(do we need to not sure at this stage and he asked me for voluntary organisatins)

will make me do this exam again..?

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I think you did really well.There would be a few things that all of us would miss,it again depends on the examiner as to what they want really.Keep your fingers crossed.

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THe overall impression is important in PMPs and you have done well going by your account.

There's always going to be missed facts in PMPs as we are talking about a hypothetical scenario.

It doesnt appear totally unrelated, talking about brief crisis admissions in DBT, as therapist contact during crisis is a part of therapy anyway.

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thank you arun,harsh,psychdoc .

Arun -I wish and pray that your prediction comes true.

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