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advice on spr interview

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guys,shed some light on spr interviews. what questions are likely to be asked. most commonly asked questions and answers as how to present myself. my interest is general adult and maternal mental health.

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Hi Rose!

I just had Fab SpR interview today :lol:

I had talked to a few people about the job, doctors that had worked there, nurses, OTs I met at meetings etc, and they all said it was a good job.

Spoke to the person doing the job and they said it was good.

Went in positive frame of mind...  Beautiful drive in Band 3 BMW convertible in the glorious Scottish sunshine :D

Nice personnel lady told me I was the only candidate for the interviews :-*

Interview went well - talked about what clinical experience I had, what I would bring to the job, what I wanted to do e.g. research.

They asked me to wait for 15 mins, then offered me the job, which I start in August.

Last week I had neither Part 2 nor a job, next month I move house :o

The Admiral

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I also just got a job.

Interview was weird......

lots of questions like -

how do you manage your time

how do you deal with stress

have you ever failed at anything in your life

what makes a good teacher

how do you achieve a work life balance

how would you deal with problems in the MDT

as well as the usual what made you apply?/ what qualities can you bring to MDT? type questions


i was thrown a bit - by the questions and cos there were 9 people interviewing - but i did ok and got the job so i am very happy

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