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Guest dtwo

SpR Pay

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Can some one tell me the average banding rate for SpR jobs in the U.k. I am to join an SpR job soon but there seem to be a massive drop in my salary! ??? ??? ???

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Hi dtwo!

Most SpR jobs are Band 1B (1.4 x basic salary), with some 2B (1.5 x), so you will probably drop £10-15k per year :(

This can be made up by doing extra locum sessions etc, but most people usually just enjoy the non-resident on-call lifestyle :D

Remember that your basic salary is protected and you move to the nearest, higher, SpR basic pay band (see below). There have been some issues about keeping the same incremental date, rather than starting afresh upon becoming an SpR, but I'm not sure if things have been changed yet.

If I pass my pass my PtII clinicals on Wednesday and get an SpR job, I'll get a £15000 pay cut and loose 3 weeks study leave for my resit in Autumn... Maybe they'll pass me to save the NHS some money ;)

The Admiral

Band 3 BMW


Junior Hospital Doctors Scales payable from 1 April 2003:

Senior House Officer

23,940; 25,545; 27,150; 28,755; 30,360; 31,965; 33,570

Specialist Registrar

26,760; 28,115; 29,470; 30,825; 32,460; 34,095; 35,730; 37,365; 39,000

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Dear all,

I am a doctor in Hong Kong. I have just been offered an SPR job. Please tell me if the SPR pay has excluded tax or not. If not excluded then what is the percentage taxed. ???

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