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Mill Stone

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Isnt it funny how right now passing seems the most important thing on earth for all of us . However it is my experience that once it is over ( successfully) it will just dissappear into the distance and become an insignificant spec of dust on the horizon . Like once it is done and dusted , lets move on to the next project ::).

I know that had I failed the written I would have been gutted but accepted the pass very much in my stride ( am I abnormal? ) .

I know that similarly a final pass mark will be an anti climax . Maybe its just me but I am not able to sing and dance in the streets just because I passed but a fail would be disasterous and humiliating to say the least .

I am not expecting my world to change very much but I do know that it will signal the arrival of the next phase in my career . &nbsp:lol:oing some research in order to pad out my CV . Isnt it terrifying that one has done no research yet , facing a SpR interview . How many people have done research ? Has anyone had a look at an application form form for SpR jobs ? they are daunting tasks . < sigh> am I the only one who feels inadequate ?

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Hey!don't lose sleep over it.

having passed the Exams in first attempt both times (Part 1&2 ,I mean!)meant a big deal to me when I faced the interview panel.Well thats how I felt.I guess,retrospectively, even the guys who hadn't got thru so successfully, went thru the interview equally comfortably and are infact doing fantastic placements with our SpR scheme (enviously better than what I got offered >:( >:()

Having spoken to them,I learnt that many of them have research experience equal to ,or less than mine)!!So, that too is not a big deal.

I guess, what really matters is how clearly U have (done your homework) formulated in your mind what really U want to gain in your SpR training and how clearly & assertively U express this to the I/V panel.Also speak to the SpR's already in the scheme,to find out which training posts/trainers are better (a mistake I made).

Anyway,all the best for the result

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